McLaughlin Farm-Local Producer

McLaughlin Farms, LTD

McLaughlin Farm Ltd. raises Highland cattle and is a local producer of naturally raised, grass fed, dry aged beef. The farm is located in Jackson, Michigan. The farm was originally a working dairy farm, and was purchased by John’s grandparents in 1932. The milking operation continued until the mid-1950’s when it was discontinued.

A decade later several of the unused facilities were torn down, including the milk barn, due to the high cost of maintenance. In 1980 John and Cathie bought the farm and shortly thereafter reintroduced farm animals, including beef cattle, horses, sheep, chickens and turkeys. Today Highland cattle and two Airedales are the only domestic animals at the farm.

McLaughlin Farm cattle are raised humanely, grazing in open pastures and are not confined in a feed lot type setting. The farm’s cattle are rotationally grazed, and are fed little or no grain, well within the USDA “grass-fed” standard. McLaughlin Farm does not utilize growth stimulants or hormones, nor antibiotics, unless medically indicated. Learn more about different types of feed, including Rotational Grazing and Grass Fed.

Gallery on the Farm