Cathie and John have enjoyed cooking since they met in college, where they took cooking classes together. Cathie has a background in foods, so meal planning, food preparation, exploring gourmet shops and trying good restaurants has always been a big part of their lives.

Cathie and John meet Vivian Howard!

Ben Howard and Cathie at cook book signing.

One of their favorite chefs is Vivian Howard, seen on Public Broadcasting’s A Chef’s Life. She and her husband Ben own Chef and the Farmer, located in Kinston, North Carolina. John and Cathie were able to meet and chat with Vivian and Ben in the fall of 2016 at a book signing in Naperville, IL for Vivian’s award winning cookbook, Deep Run Roots.

The Recipe tab is updated on a regular basis, and will have all the recipes we have published in our farm market newsletters, or which we pass out at the farm market. These recipes come from various sources, which are credited. John and Cathie have created many of the recipes which are included. It is always fun experimenting with new cuts of meat and new ingredients!

Gardening and landscaping have also been a consistent activities since John and Cathie were married. The size of the garden expands and contracts.trees are all of interest! One major criteria for any plant is that it must be “deer proof”!

The cattle like some of the excess produce, such as pumpkin, squash, beans and carrots. Years ago we had a young calf that liked to help itself to the carrot patch. It was oblivious to the electric fence!

Farm to Table or Farm to Fork have been a way of life for the McLaughlin family. We feel so grateful we have been able to be stewards of our farm.